Give Your Essential Oils A Home

Whether you’re an essential oil lover or a beginning “oily” novice, we’ve all, at some point, bought essential oils, put them in a drawer somewhere, and totally forgot to use them. 


You bought essential oils for cleaning, for headaches, for stress relief, for acne, for immune support, for a mood booster, to diffuse in your living room….but are you remembering to use your essential oils with your family for a healthy home, a healthy body, and a calmer mind


If you’re like most people, you couldn’t find the right place to store them at home. You tried a few spots, but nothing really stuck. Chances are your essential oils were shoved in a drawer, put in a pretty box, or stashed someplace where you forgot about them. 


When essential oils are out of sight, they’re also out of mind. You won’t remember to use them! Keep oils on display and within reach so you and your family will actually put them to use. The Ashby Shelf is the solution. 

It’s time to bring your essential oils back out into the light and the Ashby Diamond 3-Tier Shelf is the ideal companion for essential oil lovers everywhere. Not only does displaying the essential oils on the floating shelf encourage use (...hey, visual reminder!), the three pine shelves also hold just about anything your oily heart desires. Oil diffusers work great on the middle shelf. The pine shelf, which is lightly varnished, allows ample air flow so the diffuser can work its magic. 

essential oil diffuser on hanging wall shelf, essential oils on floating wall shelf

Depending on which oils you use in different rooms, put the oils on the shelves to remind your family (and yourself!) you have these wonderful resources to use. Our floating shelf looks great in any room of your house. 


Molly, our in-house Ashby Creations essential oil expert, is going to share some of her best advice on keeping essential oils on the Ashby shelf around the home. 

Here’s what she has to say: 


An Essential Oils Shelf in the Living Room: 

“In the living room, hang the shelf so the bottom shelf is easily accessible for kids. You can put kid-safe essential oils, like Lavender, Wild Orange or inTune Blend here. These essential oils are great for managing mind, mood, and overall health.”


An Essential Oils Bathroom Shelf: 

“Keep your favorite sleepy time essential oils on hand here. Add a few drops to your favorite diffuser so you can fall asleep easily.” 


A Floating Bathroom Shelf: 

“Do you have kids and teens who are adopting a hygiene routine? For most, seeing their toothpaste and deodorant out on a shelf, instead of a drawer, will remind them to keep their healthy habits. It’s perfect for makeup, jewelry, and moisturizers, too.” 


A Kitchen Shelf: 

“Spices are essential, right? You can put spices, vitamins, herbal supplements, and everyday oil essentials on the shelves for easy access.” 


So, now the question is...where will you hang your Ashby floating shelf? 


P.S. Next week, we’ll be asking Molly to share her favorite DIY cleaning recipes featuring her favorite essential oils. Stay tuned!