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Ashby Creations 3-Tier Diamond Floating Wall Shelf

We wanted to take a minute, say hello, and introduce ourselves. We’re a family of four living in Minnesota with a chocolate lab named Lola and our rag doll cat named Fergus. 


Ashby Creations is a veteran and family-owned business. Our business name is based on a place we love dearly: the City of Ashby, Minnesota, home to 439 fabulous people. The city’s motto is “You’ll like Ashby,” and, if you ever get to visit, I think you will!  We visit a cabin there, on Pelican Lake, where the plan for this business took shape.


Ashby Creations. Great Quality. Unparalled Service. You Betcha!Our logo features a deer wearing sunglasses because we we love the combination of majestic nature and subtle style. In addition to our commitment to quality and service, we added “You Betcha” because THAT is what Minnesotans say!  While we focus on sharing our elegantly modern three-tier pine wood shelf with others, we’re committed to creating a community and enhancing other people’s homes.

See, for us, this business is about more than just a shelf. It’s about helping people like you showcase what you love most. To bring it out of boxes. To uncover it from hiding. To use it. To remind you who you are. 


Kid's Clay Creations

This floating wall shelf shelf is full of possibility! Whatever you display on these real, pine-wood shelves is up to you. We want this to be a place where you can grow plants, display books, keep memories, mementos, keepsakes, figurines, family photos, spices, essential oils, a vase of flowers, and artistic creations! Make a tribute to the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen and whatever you love most. Our durable shelf is for anyone: parents, kids, artists, students, cooks, or designers. 


Homes are special places. They’re where we live, where we grow, and where we take care of each other. For all of us, that could look very different. And, that’s the beauty of it. 


This blog will showcase the many versatile ways you can style our shelf and be one way you can join in on our community.


Thanks for being here. We’re looking forward to all that’s ahead. 


Originally published March 1, 2019