Collection: Ashby Diamond Halloween Shelf

Showcase what you love most!

If you saved a souvenir, heirloom, award or have a collection, there’s a reason!  Let those things “do their thing” and keep you happy when you see them every day. Your shelf

  • arrives fully assembled for immediate gratification 
  • includes FREE mounting hardware that we think you'll *love*
  • has wood planks that are lightly varnished: not raw, not shiny. Just right. Very "Goldilocks."
  • is made from REAL pine wood, which is safer for you--and the air you breathe!--than MDF or Particleboard.  (So, in the words of our kids, your shelf won't "smell funny.")
  • has attractive, clean lines with a minimalist design
  • is a space-saver for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or kid’s room.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. For real. Ask for Molly.
  • Oh yeah. Free shipping, because you love it, right?
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